About us

Cryptoassets are fundamentally changing the way the world thinks about technology, investments and how people interact with one another. At Crypto Corporation, we’ve been at the forefront of cryptoasset trading since 2014, giving innovative investors frictionless access to this new world of possibility.

Our Approach

We characterize our trading activity as following three general approaches —

  • Liquidity providing: making markets, buying and selling products to provide liquidity for market participants, with execution on a trading floor, over the phone and electronically.
  • Risk taking: doing our homework, formulating a view and putting on a position. Some positions are held for a few days, some for a few months or even years. 
  • Latency sensitive trading: combining research and risk management with superior technology and execution on our own extensive global radio frequency (RF) network

Trading in any asset class might include just one of these or may bring together all three; it all depends on what we see as the right strategy. Our knowledge of the markets, pricing and modeling skills, robust risk management, and application of technology work together to create liquidity, improve market efficiency and capture opportunities.