Welcome to our website!

First, a little bit about us. Crypto Corp is composed of two LocalBitcoins.com traders (Luis Acosta and John Lemberg) that have  been in the cryptocurrency business since 2014. Our primary business involves trading cryptocurrency, but we have recently branched out into mining. The purpose of this site is to sell our excess stock of Antminer D3 miners from the November Batch. That means orders placed here for D3 Miners won’t be shipped out until mid to late November!


Why Trust Us?

As stated previously, we are two reputable LocalBitcoins.com traders; our profile pages can be viewed here and here. Also, Crypto Corporation has an office located in South Florida; feel free to stop by or contact us at anytime.

Additionally, each order will require the signing of an enforceable contract that ensures delivery of the product by a specific date.

We are in the cryptocurrency business for the long term and have an enormous amount of respect for this community. Order with confidence!